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Corvette For Sale: Ultra-low Mileage 2006 Corvette Z06, Loaded, Silver

I have a garage kept, like new condition C6 Z06 with just 15K miles on the car - most of it freeway miles. Absolutely pristine condition. $2500 custom Borla exhaust, otherwise a stock car with all t...


Corvette For Sale: 1993 corvette

1993 burgundy corvette, 40th Anniversary, 8 cylinders, auto transmission, clean title, good condition, VIN: 1G1YY23PQP5100703. Contact Peggy Brown, (Posted 2/20/17)


Corvette For Sale: 1993 burgundy corvette

1993 burgundy corvette 1993 burgundy corvette, 8 cylinders, auto transmission, clean title, good condition, Email me for photos and more details. Jane Blau (Posted...



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