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July 2017
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The Corvette Marque (pronounced "mark") Club of Seattle, or CMCS, had its first meeting of record in August 1963 and was incorporated in November 1963.

The purpose of the club, as defined in the Constitution and By-Laws, is to provide an association for owners of America's only true sports car, the Corvette. CMCS full membership is limited to Corvette owners, spouses and significant-others.

Both men and women Corvette owners are members of CMCS. The women have been and continue to be vital to the club's success and actively participate in directing club functions. This is clearly evidenced in their high visibility in their roles as club officers and committee chairpersons.

The overall diversity of the club membership allows the group to benefit from the various talents of its individual members, yet the common interest in Corvettes welds a strong bond of friendship and cooperation.


club activities

Through its various activities, CMCS strives to add to the natural enjoyment of Corvette ownership while providing social interaction with other Corvette owners. Club meetings are typically held at dinner time at various restaurants or banquet rooms in the greater Seattle area and often include a program of interest to the membership or are preceded by an activity such as a tour.

CMCS sanctions extensive and varied activities that:

  • Promote pride in Corvette ownership
  • Further the interests of Corvette owners
  • Provide technical information to Corvette owners
  • Promote interchange of general and technical Corvette related information
  • Encourage safe and responsible driving habits

Examples of club activities include:
(Be sure to check out the EVENTS page for upcoming activities.)

  • Sponsorship of show-and-shine eventsAdopt a Highway Sign
  • "Wet Weekend" two-day tour in February
  • Awards Banquet and Installation of Officers in March
  • One-day and weekend Corvette caravan tours
  • Participation in other Corvette Clubs' events
  • Group attendance at area Corvette events
  • Participation in many local parades
  • July 4th picnic
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas Parties
  • Seattle In September (SIS), a three-day extravaganza sponsored by CMCS in September even years (biennially) drawing Corvette owners from three states and Canada.

We are also active in community relations programs such as WSDOT's "Adopt-A-Highway" program and conduct our own charitable campaigns to assist the needy at Christmas time. We provide a scholarship to a qualifying student in the Automotive Service Educational Program at Shoreline Community College.


associated with other sports car and automotive organizations

NWACC LogoCMCS members have contributed significantly to the major sports car organizations in the Pacific Northwest. Since the founding of CMCS in 1963, nearly every SCCA Corvette race driver from the area has been a member of the club. 
CMCS was instrumental in the formation of the Northwest Association of Corvette Clubs (NWACC), which is an association of Corvette clubs in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia. The first president of NWACC was a Corvette Marque Club member.  Links to other Corvette and automotive web sites can be found on our LINKS page.  We are also a member of the National Corvette Museum

radio communication

The “business” UHF radios that the Club uses to coordinate tours are available for purchase from CMCS. This is a Club courtesy/benefit to make it easier for you to join in the communications during the Club caravans and tours. The “standard model” we stock is the Baofeng UV-5R. (See photo below.)(A new radio for CMCS as of June 2016)

Current CMCS price is in the $40 range. This price varies a small amount from purchase to purchase. Contact the CMCS Vice-President for the current member price.
We program them for CMCS operations and charge the batteries so that they come to ready to go.

CMCS FCC Frequency is 462.7625 Mhz. We use Interference Frequency 179.9 Hz
You may purchase these radios at CMCS General Meetings or by contacting the Club Vice-President.
The Baofeng is compatible with the Motorola units that many club members presently own that are programmed for our new club frequency.
You may also purchase the Baofeng, (or a RMU2080d Motorola) on your own if you prefer. The club Vice-President can quickly program the Baofeng for you. (This will certainly save you frustration.)
You may also choose a different brand or model radio. Be sure that your purchase is UHF, not VHF. We suggest a 2-watt unit.
Make sure that your unit can be programmed for the frequency and interference frequency listed above.


contact information

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